ServicesAs your design partner, we can take many different approaches to designing your sustainable space. We’re experts in our field with more than 10 years’ experience, but we learn something new with every project too. But enough about us – here’s what we can do for you.

  • Circular consultancy

    The inspiration stage

    As consultants, our approach cuts through buzzwords like sustainability, going green or environmental footprint to get to the heart of the matter – doing good and having fun along the wayBy breathing new life into reclaimed materials, we help you create accessible examples of your sustainable goalsDid you know that your old inventory has monetary value even after it’s been written off? Or that materials can be repurposed into statement design pieces with aesthetic value? We promise to surprise you from the very first meeting.   

  • Circular design

    From space to place

    Aside from advising on sustainable goals, we can design your space from the ground up. We like the word “space” – it can mean anything, from an office or school to a museum or even a caravan cut in two. And we can make it a place people want to be.  

    Our design process starts by deep-diving into your organisation – we find out who uses the space and what they really need. Our team guides you through circular design principles and how they can best apply to your space. We’ll ask many questions along the way (interesting ones!) about your company culture and what’s driving your sustainable goals so we can plan for future hurdles. Prepare to dive deep into the “question behind your questions.” It’s all part of the journey, and we’ll make sure sustainability, quality and aesthetics lead the way.  

  • Circular realisation

    Making the magic happen

    This is where the fun really starts. Bringing designs to fruition is our favourite part of the job. But like all circular processes, it involves the skills of many. Our multidisciplinary method gathers the experts in their fields – carpenters, upholsterers, fixed furniture professionals, wood experts, artists, craftspeople, and other creative geniuses who add their ideas to the mix. We have an extensive network and only work with the best, so you can rely on a finished design that’s as functional as it is beautiful.   

    Best of all, you don’t need to worry about a thing. As your single point of contact, we coordinate all the various disciplines involved in getting things made. We work closely with the entire team and keep you up to date at every step, providing a helicopter view of the progress. Overseeing the quality, budget and timeline is all in our capable (if sometimes paint-splattered) hands.

  • Story Telling

    Doing good and telling people about it

    It’s not over when your space is revealed. We want you to continually benefit from the investment you’ve made in your interior and the good you’ve done for the planet. Our strategic activation allows everyone to see the sustainable motivation behind your new interior in a natural and playful way. We help to tell the stories behind the project – and what that says about your organisation  by using visual cues, anecdotes and graphic elements or even hosting events to celebrate the positive change. 


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