AboutWe are Furnify. The dreamers, designers, visualisers, remodellers, eco-warriors and big-picture thinkers who turn your sustainable ambitions into a circular reality. We consult, we design, we realise, and we tell stories...

Repurpose, reuse and embrace bespoke design pieces

We believe in giving interior objects a second life, because “out with the old, in with the new” isn’t compatible with the world that we live in. When businesses renovate a space, a staggering number of furnishings and materials typically get thrown away. To us, that’s a missed opportunity. There’s an oversupply of used interior materials and industrial items as well as a growing demand for reclaimed and repurposed furniture. Furnify bridges this gap.

Our mission is to transform discarded materials into functional, purpose-built, and aesthetically captivating new designs: the ultimate conversation pieces for your new space. Our environmentally responsible approach plays an active role in strengthening the circular economy. We save materials from landfills, minimise the depletion of global resources and create one-of-a-kind designs with a backstory.

Your circular design partner

Are you ready to begin your circular adventure but don’t know where to start? We’ll take you from the initial ideas to the finished project. Our designers are experienced in knowing which direction to take, which obstacles to prepare for and what equipment we’ll need. We’re happy to take the reins of the entire process or advise you one step at a time. Our expert project managers will keep you up to date throughout every stage of the process. Thanks to many years in the industrial design game, we think of the things you haven’t. And we have the skills and expertise to produce a concept you’ll love.

Our circular transformations

From single use

To acoustic panels

From stadium seats

To office chairs

From plastic bins

To an office table

From bike chains

To a chandelier