AboutWe are Furnify. The dreamers, designers, visualisers, remodellers, eco-warriors and big-picture thinkers who turn your sustainable ambitions into a circular reality. We consult, we design, we realise, and we tell stories...

Repurpose, reuse and embrace bespoke design pieces

We believe in giving interior objects a second life, because “out with the old, in with the new” isn’t compatible with the world that we live in. When businesses renovate a space, a staggering number of furnishings and materials typically get thrown away. To us, that’s a missed opportunity. There’s an oversupply of used interior materials and industrial items as well as a growing demand for reclaimed and repurposed furniture. Furnify bridges this gap.

Our mission is to transform discarded materials into functional, purpose-built, and aesthetically captivating new designs: the ultimate conversation pieces for your new space. Our environmentally responsible approach plays an active role in strengthening the circular economy. We save materials from landfills, minimise the depletion of global resources and create one-of-a-kind designs with a backstory.

Your circular design partner

Are you ready to begin your circular adventure but don’t know where to start? We’ll take you from the initial ideas to the finished project. Our designers are experienced in knowing which direction to take, which obstacles to prepare for and what equipment we’ll need. We’re happy to take the reins of the entire process or advise you one step at a time. Our expert project managers will keep you up to date throughout every stage of the process. Thanks to many years in the industrial design game, we think of the things you haven’t. And we have the skills and expertise to produce a concept you’ll love.

Our circular transformations

From single use

To acoustic panels

From stadium seats

To office chairs

From plastic bins

To an office table

From bike chains

To a chandelier

Faces behind furnify

Clarice van den BergCircular accelerator

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”

My origins are as an interior designer. I am interested in the process from A to Z and so project management naturally grew alongside this investment.
Being in the industry for quite some time now, my journey and its many stages – from interior design and advice, to product development and to working with a sustainable contractor- left me with a burning desire to make a positive impact.
My natural curiosity means I am always on the lookout for sustainable materials because for me, circularity is the highest form of creativity. Ever since I was a child I have been intrigued with treasure-hunting for things that have a story and building upon this. Today, this process of connecting the dots gives me energy which I pass into my projects. This is all done without having to surrender aesthetics and quality, aiming to set a standard where circularity becomes the new ‘new’. Feel free to reach out for a cup of coffee!

Sabrina van DongenManaging Director

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!” {Eleanor Roosevelt}

Over the last 15 years I have gained a lot of experience in different fields. My career began as an interior designer where my love for raw materials, craftsmanship and ‘the past’ were always the starting points in my design approach. I noticed that so much hidden, valuable information is covered in the past, which helps us to understand today. Bringing projects to life became for me a way of making sure the design was built the way you meant it to be. Project Management was the route to get there. PR & Marketing also piqued my interest: I had to ask myself, what is the thought behind your designs, how do you handle projects, and how do you let other people know what you do as a company? Through this journey, my varied experience has made me strong in what I do today: accelerating circularity by designing and just doing! Creativity is THE tool to make change happen. Not only for today and tomorrow; our goal is to change mindsets by making circularity as normalised as new! I would love to meet you and hear your ideas.

Walt van der HoevenProject Manager

“Never for money, always for love” (Talking Heads)

As the son of an architect and a government official in environmental protection, design and sustainability have both always fascinated me, although unknowingly so until I turned about 25. It was not until after I started my own career that I realized my upbringing had such an effect on my interests and passions. Over the years, my motivation for having a more sustainable life, as well as my passion for interior design, grew. Noticing that these can live together harmony, it feels as if I have found my sweet spot. When it comes to applying sustainability and circularity in a project, I always think back to my childhood. I believe in an approach driven by positivity, not pushed by a feeling of necessity. Sustainable solutions are there for the betterment of yourself, and the planet. By making small adjustments in our lives (both personal and professional), not only will the planet profit, but so will your own wellbeing.

Trust me, doing good makes you feel good.

Janina NieperCircular Architect

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  {Albert Einstein}

As an Architect and Designer working in the very same sector that produces up to 40% of our CO² emissions, it became clear to me how the problems we currently face are systemic problems that require system-thinking rather than superficial and temporary solutions. I came across the concepts of Donut Economics by Kate Raworth, and thereafter deep dived into the Circular Economy as a means to change our current economic system by its leverage points, hoping to create an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design. Given my passion for a circular economy, I have completed several certifications and participated in workshops in this field accredited by TU Delft, Circular Economy Institution, Ellen MacArthur foundation and Cambridge University among others. I enjoy working with clients and product suppliers to deliver circular projects that thrive for a better tomorrow.

Sanne van MiddelaarInterior Architect


Sustainability and circularity are now as much a part of my lifestyle as they are core in my designs. Being sustainable and circular is something you should just do; it is not just a hype, although it can sometimes feel like a trend these days. While designing, there is so much beauty to find in past materials and products. The stories they tell can give designs much more depth. By retelling these stories in the creative way we do, the importance of what we are doing for sustainability at Furnify may stick in the minds of those we work with. We want others to gain more knowledge and understanding on these essential new discussions within (interior) design.
Illustrating is another huge passion of mine as a way of telling stories. Finding the right language within your drawings is as important as the concept itself.
Bringing all my skills together within these different disciplines makes me a strong designer.

Irene SnelInterior Designer

“Explore and discover!”

The world has changed massively over the 15 years I have been working as an interior designer. Nowadays, we cannot afford to simply buy new items as we need them. We have to think about how the production of these items impacts the environment. Otherwise, we are part of the problem.
As a designer, I can make a difference here, by re-using objects and materials that already exist, or by utilising more natural materials.
Ultimately, the purpose of a newly-designed space is not just to ‘have something new’, but to create an environment where people feel happy, healthy and at ease. These feelings are increased with the added value of sustainability and circularity in biophilic design.

This process is most enjoyable when done in close cooperation with the client, based on shared values and a common goal. One thing is certain: the journey always concludes in a great story!