// DB55

Client D/DOCK Location Amsterdam
Surface 1320 m2 Completion 2021


“DB55 is a living example of Furnify’s circular vision.”

Sabrina van Dongen, Managing Director Furnify


One of Furnify’s flagship projects is our own office at Danzigerbocht 55 (DB55), located in the Amsterdam Houthavens. In close collaboration with D/DOCK we transformed this old warehouse into a sustainably-build, blended venue where office spaces, innovation, education, sport, health, art and leisure come together.

Back in 2021, our collaborative vision was to make DB55 more than just a new workspace. We wanted to use it to bring back life to a district that was otherwise abandoned at night. This is why we are now opening DB55 up 24/7 for a multitude of social uses that engage with the neighbourhood.

Therein we aimed to make DB55 a living example of Furnify’s circular vision and how it translates into a design without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

“Looking around I feel so fulfilled how all things came together. It’s the result of all our dreams into one single canvas, showing that circularity doesn’t have to compromise on aesthetics!”



Our bar is made from second-life materials. Under the countertop you can see a pattern of stickered tiles turned backwards. These tiles actually came from old material samples. By turning them over we could use all samples and create a unifying look, regardless of their colour.
The reason the second floor of DB55 is exactly 6140 mm high is that the design of the building was determined by the available components. Once we knew which steel stairs we would get, the upper floors were designed according to these measures.
The stairs come from an online marketplace, so we had to work with those that were available.
The top floor is made from old NS-train flooring. By mounting it in herringbone we gave it character and a quality-feel.
The pillows on the stairs are made from rest-material.
This red table and lamp used to be part of the Salone del mobile in Milan in 2017
The glass from the meeting rooms came from the acoustic laboratory of TNO where its sound reduction (in dB) was tested. Normally, these test walls cannot be reused since they do not get certified after the test. Still, we took on the challenge and reused different testing walls, resulting in four meeting rooms with slightly different acoustic values.