// Circa

Client Circa Location Amsterdam
Surface 5000 m2 Completion 2023

Circular elements as a wink to its history

"I would say this is the most circular event location in the Netherlands at this specific moment"

says Vincent de Ridder, director @Circa

Circa Amsterdam is the first circular event venue in the Netherlands, created in an iconic structure with space for groups of 200 to 2,000 people.

The story of this iconic geodetic dome takes us back to the inception of this architectural masterpiece, designed by the legendary Richard Buckminster Fuller and unveiled at the 1967 Montreal World Expo.

From 1971 to 2003, the structure served as the roof of the Aviodome, Schiphol’s aviation museum. In 2004, the dome was deconstructed and stored in 29 sea containers for almost 20 years until Circa decided to bring the structure back to life and turn it into an event location.

The domed roof follows circular design principles as it is composed entirely of recycled aluminium and creates a futuristic ambience through its interplay with light. This fantastic space was the perfect canvas for us to develop a living testament with innovative circular furniture.

With a wink to its history, we have created a flexible event space using only reused loose furniture, carpets, and lighting while leaving the iconic geodetic dome untouched. Circa is a successful and outstanding project for us to share, as 86% of the furniture is second life.

Our ‘Moving Islands’ concept, designed in collaboration with Moss, Makers of Sustainable Spaces, brings playful adaptability to the ground floor. Made from leftover materials, equipped with plants and built on wheels, this circular interior solution enables Circa to adapt the space to the specific spatial needs of various clients.

Circa Amsterdam is the pinnacle of circularity, where the past meets the present to celebrate innovation and regeneration.