// The Healing Hub

Client D/Dock Location Milan, Italy
Surface 250 m2 Completion 2017

A new way of working

“We believe that products and furniture offer extra value when they invite you to change your behaviour."

says Francesco Messori, Art Director @D/DOCK



Presented at the renowned furniture fair Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2017, The Healing Hub promotes a new way of working using hybrid and dynamic furniture. As an example of circular interior design, it also incorporates reclaimed materials with stories behind them. The seating arrangement around the communal table encourages healthy movement during the workday. The table itself invites people to gather as they would around a campfire. It’s made from unused cotton that has been pulverised and pressed.

The balance stools are made from old copper expansion tanks used in central heating systems. “The bottom has this beautiful round shape, which makes you want to rock the stool slightly. The seat itself is made of paper pulp,” Messori says. “All the elements of stimulation, and dynamic sitting, and reuse of materials activate your senses and leave you feeling satisfied. This is the reaction we loved to see in the Healing Hub”.

Carpet Earth inspired by Nature.
The communal table in the Healing Hub invites people to gather as if they would during a campfire.
Balance Stools made from old copper expansion tanks which were used in central heating systems.