// Moving Islands

Client Furnify Product Location Amsterdam
Surface - Completion Ongoing


Moving Islands: inhabitable interior volumes

Moving Islands is a collection of inhabitable interior volumes, which can move, aggregate or disperse, creating new unexpected landscapes where people can sit, hide, connect, join, work, meditate, rest, tell stories.

Modular construction
Moving Islands are designed to be built through simple assembly techniques. Each individual module is either screwed or just leaning on the structure, avoiding any type of chem­ical joinery like welding and glueing. The simple mechanical assembly techniques make the Moving Islands easily mountable and dismountable by their owner or renter through soft manual work, but also easily build­able by local manufacturers with basic skills and techniques. When unused, a Moving Island can be dis­mounted, compacted and temporari­ly stored.

Transformable spaces
Moving Islands are basic frames which can be mounted in different set-ups and dressed with different unexpected materials – hard or soft, rich or poor, transparent or opaque, colourful or sober, synthetic or natural, like tridi­mensional canvases.

Contexts of use
Moving Islands can provide privacy or connection, can hide goods or separate different spaces, bring greenery, art, provoca­tion, playfulness. People can climb them, hide in them, combine them in many ways, move them around, or push them away. Its transformability allows it to fit anywhere:

  • Public spaces
  • Working spaces
  • Event spaces
  • Hospitality
  • Education

Circular accelerator
Moving Islands are circular, made with discarded materials and simple assembly techniques. Simple for being easily mounted and dismounted, but also for being built by local manufacturers with basic skills and technology. Moving Islands creates a platform for urban mining: to reuse furniture, fabrics and products – embedding them in new settings.

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