Client ABN AMRO verzekeringen Location Zwolle
Surface 5500 m2 Completion 2018


“I think we are not exaggerating when we say that 90% of the products in this interior are recycled."

says Sabrina van Dongen, Circular Accelerator @Furnify.


ABN AMRO wanted to create a sustainable and circular interior featuring authentic pieces. Comfort and connection were key elements of the multiple lounge areas.

The final design included a combination of reclaimed pieces from their former office and secondhand furniture sourced elsewhere. Only 10% was purchased new from sustainable retailers.

We reupholstered sofas from Maastricht’s city hall – the eye-catching remodelled designs create space for quiet moments.



The two boardroom tables were made from materials from ABN AMRO’s previous office. We removed the bases from an existing boardroom table, cut them in half and transformed them into two tables with tops created from old wastepaper bins. The train compartment seats are two connected pieces that fit perfectly in the alcoves and the recycled leather frames on the wall and ceiling create a beautiful synergy of materials. Acoustic panels were repurposed as privacy dividers between desks and leftover panels became planters that also promote privacy.

The design in NUMBERS

  • 131 workspaces were re-used with upgraded desks
  • 22 adjustable stand-up desks were re-used
  • 100% of meeting spaces were circularly designed
  • 54 workstations are a combination of recycled and secondhand materials.
  • 100% of the lounge areas are repurposed from furniture pieces and materials. 60% of the new upholstery is post-consumer recycled polyester. The other 40% of the fabric conforms to the EU Ecolabel.
  • 100% of desk chairs were re-used.
  • 100% of special desk chairs were re-used, such as counter-height chairs for high fixed tables